An Update From Playground Builders!

2013 has been a great year so far for Playground Builders and we are ecstatic about our new partnership with Love Child!  One penny from every pouch of baby food goes towards creating play and building hope for children in war-entrapped countries. This means that while your little loved ones are eating a healthy meal, a child who lives a world away is getting to play. This is truly a win-win for all!

To date, Playground Builders has finished 134 projects and as I write this, 5 more playgrounds are currently in construction.  We have built playgrounds in Iraq, the Palestinian Territories as well as Afghanistan. Presently, 100% of our operations are based in Afghanistan and we are quickly closing in on our 100th playground in Afghanistan alone.  We have calculated that each and every day, over 275,000 children now have access to a safe play area – and we think that’s truly amazing!



Before Playground


After Playground

Our goal for 2013 is to build 30 new playgrounds and to maintain and renew every existing Playground Builders playground.  And, I am happy to report that we are on track to hit our targets.  2013 will be our best year yet.


This October, members of Playground Builders will be travelling to Palestine and Afghanistan for one of our frequent visits.  As often as possible, Playground Builders visits our partners and our playground sites. Our last trip was December 2012.  Because of our amazing partners and strong friendships our work is efficient and cost-effective. These trips help ensure that we are doing the best work possible. Our directors use their own funds to travel.


The positive impact of our work is clear.  We see evidence every day of children benefitting greatly from having access to play and exercise.  Enrollment is up in the schools where playgrounds have been built. Teachers report that their students learn better after their play periods.  Kids are coming to school and staying to school and for some children, it’s play that keeps them coming back each day.  Most importantly, in a place where life can be pretty tough, playgrounds let kids be kids.


By word of mouth only, news of our work is spreading. We are receiving requests from communities and schools all over Afghanistan to come and build a playground.  We know that the workers who build for Playground Builders need and appreciate the employment – this is a place where jobs are scarce.  Because they are built and maintained locally, these playgrounds are respected and will bring joy year after year.


Just look at these happy faces!

Girls Playing

Thank you Love Child for believing in Playground Builders and for supporting our work. To have people rally behind our cause gives us an incredible boost and the energy to keep building more playgrounds. We are looking forward to some great work together with you now and in the future.


Yours in Play,


Kelly Hand

Executive Director

Playground Builders