Reading Celebration with First Book Canada

The Love Child Organics team was happy to collaborate with one of our non-profit organizations, First Book Canada, for a reading celebration! This event was hosted in downtown Toronto at Orde Street Public School.

History of Orde Street Public School

Orde Street Public School is located in central Toronto, just east and north of Chinatown. The school was built in 1914 to accommodate the influx of immigrants into the community and it continues to represent the diverse population of the global community that is Toronto. The school has just celebrated its 100th Anniversary. Students come from over 30 countries, representing many different languages and cultures!

Why Books?

Children’s literacy is something that is near and dear to our hearts. Did you know that almost 25% of Canadian households don’t have a single book and 30% of grade 3 Canadian students lack basic literacy skills? First Book Canada wants to change that, and we are proud to support such an important initiative.

Young boy in red sweater reading a book Young girl wearing a blue dress reading a book











Our Reading Celebration Event

Our team gathered at the school’s library to organize books for the students. We sorted the books into bags to hand out to the grade 1/2 students. A local author, Hilary Leung came to the event to share his passion for reading with the children too. Every student at the event received four brand new books to take home, including a signed copy of Stego-cumulus from Hilary Leung! After Hilary’s presentation, our team broke into groups and got to spend some time reading and chatting with the children. They were all so excited about their new books and could hardly wait to read them!

Author reading book to children on the floor Woman reading book to children around a table Man reading book to children around a table


























Orde Street Public School also received a $1000 book grant to use online at the First Book Marketplace to purchase additional books for students and the library! A special thanks to the principal, Michael Walkington, and librarian, Jane Mann, at Orde Street for having us.

Do you know of a school in need that could benefit from new books? If so, please head to the First Book Canada website to register and find out how a Reading Celebration like this could become a reality.

With LOVE,
The Love Child Organics Team