How do you make your products shelf stable without adding preservatives?

All of our fruit and vegetable purees are produced in Canada in an organically certified facility operated by a company that has enormous experience in packing these types of pouches. There are a number of stages in the process that enable us to create safe, tasty, nutritious and shelf stable products.

We carefully balance our recipes to ensure that the natural acidity of the food is hostile to bacteria but safe for little tummies. This sometimes involves the addition of a dash of lemon juice concentrate.

We flash pasteurize the fruit blends to kill any existing or dormant bacteria. Our pouches allow the food to be heated to a lower temperature, and are held at that temperature for a shorter period of time than glass jars, thereby preserving more nutrients.

The pouches are filled hot to ensure that they are free of bacteria.

Finally, a vacuum is drawn and an inert gas goes into the top of the pouch before the cap is tightly screwed on. This ensures that there is no oxygen in the pouch. They are now ready for your little one.

Our Savoury Baby Meals are produced in Europe in similar, high experienced facility. Rather than being pasteurized, the ingredients in these pouches are fully cooked much like a soup or stew, which means that they don’t require the slightly acidic PH balance that is needed for the fruit and vegetable pouches. They are then filled and sealed in a similar way to the fruit and vegetable purees and the combination of the processes ensures they are shelf-stable.