Put Some Toppings on your Pat-A-Cakes

I’m sure all moms can relate to the struggle of finding new and interesting snacks for snack-obsessed kids. (Why or why do they always want a snack?!) Love Child Organics’ Pat-A-Cakes, are delicious straight out of the bag, but did you know they’re also an ideal base for nutritious toppings? And choosing the toppings and joining in with making Pat-A-Cake snacks creates all the more fun for little kiddos who like to be involved in the kitchen. Watch our video here of our Love Child Littles trying out Pat-A-Cakes with toppings. They loved being able to choose their ‘spreads and sprinkles’ and make their own snacks, and were much more open than normal to trying a variety off foods, because they were engaged with the whole process.

Here are some ideas for Pat-A-Cake toppings. Simply choose a ‘spread’ and top with some healthy ‘sprinkles’ and you have a brand new snack idea with almost never-ending options. Savoury toppings go best with our Pumpkin Carrot Pat-A-Cakes, and sweet toppings go with all our flavours.

Happy Snacking!





Cream cheese

Nut butter

Pizza sauce


Ricotta cheese

Greek yogurt



Grated carrot

Grated apple

Sliced cucumber

Sliced strawberries

Halved blueberries


Raisins or dried apricots

Sliced cherry tomatoes

Grated cheese

Sliced olives or pickles

Sunflower or pumpkin seeds


With LOVE,