Mother’s Day Gift Guide

We’re nearing that time of year again… warmer weather, new blooms and one special day to celebrate the wonder that is mothers! It’s common, for all parties involved, to have differing feelings surrounding the day.

What do I make or buy? Do reservations need to be made? Should I plan a get together or make breakfast in bed? What is being planned in my honour?

Many (admittedly, I have thought this myself over the years) might even cringe at the commercialization of the day. In fact, the founder of Mother’s Day, Anna Jarvis, spent the majority of her life fighting against the commercialization of the day. (Reference:

My view of “recognition” holidays, like Mother’s or Father’s Day, shifted when I became a mother myself. I’m not, and never have been, keen on commercial cards and gift items. While large ticket or disposable gifts, like chocolate and bouquets, might feel nice, they don’t provide us with much intrinsic value (Tips to Encourage the Happiest Birthdays).

With that said, just because Mother’s Day has become a commercial venture, does not mean we can’t make it a day to truly celebrate the mothers in our lives, with experiences and meaningful gifts.

Here are a selection of homemade and store bought options that will find a lasting space in the lives of the mothers, and mothers to be, in your life. The more thoughtful, creative and lasting gifts are, the greater the emotional impact will be on both the giver and the receiver.

Flowers and Houseplants

Flowers have a long history with Mother’s Day – in fact, many florists will mark their highest sales days on Mother’s Day . While traditional bouquets are lovely, the fact is that they have a short lifespan. Crafted paper or felt flowers, cute homemade flower crafts, and potted houseplants offer the same warmth and vibrancy, with the added bonus of longevity.



Explore the amazing  paper and felt creations of Lia Griffith. Her site provides templates, so that loved ones can easily craft away!


The CBC includes a tutorial for felt flowers here. Because a hot glue gun is used, this craft is best for older children, accompanied by an adult:

Here is an adorable video tutorial on making wet felt (a different, kid friendly technique) flowers:


For younger children, try out these simple flower crafts here:


Not interested in crafting or don’t have the time to make your own flowers? Get in touch with Bear and Barbaloot. They make gorgeous felt flower arrangements and will also make custom orders.

Or find some beautiful succulent (the best plants for busy parents!) arrangements like the ones at Sonic Bloom’s (


A special piece of jewelry is long lasting, and invites positive memories when you wear it. Crafting bracelets also works hand eye coordination and fine motor skills, and can keep kids occupied for large chunks of time.


Taking kids to a bead shop and having them source their own beads is special in and of itself. Crafting allows you to get as simplistic or advanced as you or your children can by using basic thread or adding clasps and hooks.

If you can’t source a bead shop close by, sourcing beads online is another option:


While everyone’s jewelry preferences are different, engraving jewelry is one way to make the piece extra special and can cross into most people’s aesthetic appeal.

Check out Blue Boho’s line of engraved jewelry:

Or visit the amazing Etsy shops that provide engraving:

Spas & Self Care


Making homemade self care items is so easy and fun for little ones and adults alike. Consider making:

  • Epsom salts
  • Face scrub
  • Bath Balms
  • Lip and body balms
  • Teas

You can find a range of awesome recipes, including many items you already have in your pantry here:


Tenth Moon Mothercare creates gorgeous and healthy wellness packages for expectant and new moms (

Saje Wellness  carries a couple products specifically for Mothers, including this Mother’s Wellness roll on. Their other lines are incredible too, and include facemasks, creams and diffusers (

Live Inspired has created an amazing line of inspirational products. These ThoughtFulls are pop open cards that contain a beautiful quote (


Volunteering time, items or money to a charity is a way to make everyone feel good. Choosing a charity that has a mom and kid focus is particularly pertinent to Mother’s Day.

Charitable organizations like the New Mom Project, or shelters for women and families, provide clothing and support to mothers and families in need (

By choosing Love Child Organics you’re already helping to support the following incredible organizations, including Baby Go Round, Sick Kids, Playground Buildings and First Book Canada. Keep spreading the love!

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