Love Child Organics’ Playground Complete!

Giving back to children, or Spreading the Love, as we call it,  has always been part of what we do at Love Child Organics. Since May 1st 2013, we have been donating 1 cent per pouch sold to Playground Builders, a non-profit organisation which builds playgrounds for children in war torn countries.

These playgrounds do more than just bring play to 1000s of children, (an amazing accomplishment in itself) they also support economic growth and social stability in areas that have been devastated on so many levels by the impact of war.

With your support, over the past year we have raised thousands of dollars for Playground Builders, and I am happy to report that a playground has now been completed  in the Love Child Organics name! Our Playground, “Playground 153” has been built at an all girls school which provides education for 2000 girls in Grades 1-12.  For safety reasons we cannot give the exact name and location of the school, but we can share some beautiful photos of the playground and students.

Playground incomplete

This is the playground in the final stages of completion. Local workers are used for the construction.

Swings Final

The girls trying out the swings for the first time.

See Saw Final

A sibling enjoying the fun. This playground will benefit the entire community.

These photos make our 1 cent per pouch campaign very real to me, and I am so happy that as a business we have been able to make this happen. Thank you all again for helping us Spread the Love and most importantly, thank you to Playground Builders for the courageous and important work you do.

With LOVE,