Meet the newest member of the Love Child family, Lil’ Shake!

Meet the newest member of the Love Child family: Lil’ Shake, Canada’s first food-based, organic nutrition shake for children!

As moms and dads ourselves, we know ensuring children get the nutrients they need to grow up strong and healthy, is something that’s constantly on parents’ minds. Lives are busy, and children are notoriously opinionated about the foods they will and won’t eat! Let’s face it, even with our best efforts as parents, it’s challenging to make sure kids consistently eat a variety of nutrient-dense foods, and take in the vitamins and minerals they need.

Our Lil’ Shake can take away some of the stress parents feel about whether their kids are getting enough nutrition. Made with organic whole-milk, added fruits and veggies and fortified with 24 non-GMO vitamins and minerals, this protein-rich shake is perfect for kids who could use an extra boost of nutrients in their diet, or for any child to enjoy as a healthy between meal snack. Our Lil’ Shake contains no artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives, has no carrageenan and is gluten free!  With all this goodness, not to mention our clean short ingredient list and BPA free packaging, we know moms, dads and Lil’ ones, will LOVE our Lil’ Shake.

Enjoy in two flavours: vanilla and chocolate. Ideal for children age 1-10!

At Love Child Organics, we pride ourselves on created the cleanest possible organic food products for children. This means using high quality ingredients, leaving out anything unnecessary and keeping our ingredient lists short. Our Lil’ Shake is no exception. Take a look at the chart below, comparing Lil’ Shake to the leading branded competitor’s nutrition drink for kids. We think you’ll be impressed with the differences you’ll notice, and hope that if you are looking for a boost of nutrition for your children, you’ll choose our Lil’ Shake!

Lil' Shake comparison chart

Show us your family enjoying Lil’ Shake on social media! Post an image or a video with the hashtag #mylilshake and be entered to win a four pack of your favourite flavour. We’ll choose a winner each month until the end of 2017!

Lil' Shake