Kid Friendly Heart Resist Art for Valentine’s Day

Focused on love and kindness, this heart resist art is the perfect project for February! It’s sweet, it’s simple, and it’s focused on the making process rather than the finished product, which I love. When you’re finished, hang it on the wall of your home or gift it to a loved one of your child’s choice – it makes a lovely gift.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • a small canvas board (these are available at craft and dollar stores)
  • painter’s tape or contact paper
  • scissors
  • kid-friendly paint
  • paint brushes
  • a tray or drop cloth

Alright, with our materials gathered, let’s dive right in, shall we?

First up, a little bit of prep work – creating some easily removable heart-shaped ‘stickers’. This can be done with painter’s tape or contact paper, though contact paper is a little more user-friendly simply because it comes with a paper backing attached. Using whichever you have on hand, cut out several heart shapes and stick them along the edge of the table or tray so they’re easy for your little one to grasp.

Now let the fun begin! Invite your little one over to place the heart shapes onto the canvas board one-by-one. How they’re arranged is up to him!  

With the sticky hearts placed on the canvas board, help your child rub them down so they’re nice and secure. The more secure they are – especially around the edges – the cleaner your lines will be when you remove the hearts later.

With your work space protected, invite your little one to paint the entire canvas board, right overtop of the heart stickers! Then allow it to dry completely.

Once dry, carefully lift a little corner of each heart sticker and invite your little one to finish off the job. Peeling up the stickers will give him a fantastic fine motor skill workout and allow him to uncover the magic of resist painting for himself!

Now depending on how well your stickers were stuck down {especially along the edges} and how enthusiastic your little painter was, you may notice that some paint has bled underneath, but in my opinion, that just adds to the charm of the finished project. You can touch up the hearts with some white paint if you’d like, but children’s artwork isn’t meant to be perfect, so it’s certainly not necessary.  

Add your child’s name and the year to the back of the canvas board using a permanent marker and voila  – your heart resist art is complete!

Tip: If you don’t enjoy painting with your little one because of the mess, I highly recommend taking this project into the tub, as funny as that sounds! See how and why we create art in the bathtub here.

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