Disco Pumpkins

Ok, if you are averse to sparkles and messy crafts, you may want to sit down before you read this post. What I’m about to propose requires a hefty amount of glitter.

With Thanksgiving and Halloween around the corner, we’re getting pretty into our fall crafting. To appeal to my daughter’s love of all things sparkly, I decided that this year we would again make what I like to call “Disco Pumpkins.” They were a hit last year and they lasted forever, easily all the way through Halloween. What’s great about them is that they’re not only really beautiful but they’re also easy to make, even for very young children, like my 17 month old, Cam here.

Cam Sparkles

As you can see, Disco Pumpkins look really pretty as a centrepiece or alongside some simple candles. If you’re feeling really ambitious you could even make the pumpkin into a jack o lantern first, then cover  it with sparkles. I haven’t tried that yet, but just might this Halloween. Yes, the sparkles have the potential to make a huge mess, but if you plan well, you can keep them pretty contained. All kids love sparkles and personally, I think that once in a while, it’s worth the mess to let them just go for it!

To make Disco Pumpkins all you will need is white liquid glue, a few small, smooth-skinned pumpkins with stems, large bottles of sparkles with shaker tops in a few different colours, a large baking tray, parchment paper and paintbrushes.

Materials for Pumpkins

Here is what we did:

We placed our pumpkins on the kitchen countertop to apply the glue. My counter wipes clean very easily so I don’t mind getting glue all over it. If this is an issue for you, place the pumpkin on parchment paper that has been taped to the counter. Don’t use newspaper. It will stick to the pumpkin.

I poured the glue into small containers for each child. As you can see we had our friend, Ellie, over to make the pumpkins. I ensured that there were enough of the materials for each child to have their own. The kids then simply painted glue all over their pumpkins using paint brushes, holding onto the stem as they did so.

Poppy and Ellie glueing

Next we placed the pumpkins in baking trays to help contain the mess, and the kids sprinkled sparkles all over the pumpkins. Of course, they loved this bit. Believe me, it isn’t often that I say “Go on, sprinkle harder, shake out as many sparkles as you possibly can!” You can see how much fun they were having!

Poppy and Ellie with sparkles

For this part, I helped the kids twist their pumpkins so that the glue would get completely covered. We also used our hands to pat sparkles onto any tricky places.  When we were finished we set the pumpkins on parchment paper to dry.  We then did the whole thing all over again and made some even bigger pumpkins to really brighten up our display. You can see the girls’ purple and gold masterpieces below.

To clean up the sparkles we just tipped them back into the bottles from the trays. Believe it or not, the mess wasn’t actually too bad, and the smiles on the kids’ faces would have made it worthwhile anyway.

Happy fall crafting everyone!

Making purple and gold pumpkins

With LOVE,