Acerola: What a Super-fruit!

Our Love Child Organics customers will notice that each of our purees contain the ingredient organic ‘acerola’.  Also known as the Barbados cherry, wild acerola berries grow in parts of Central America, and the Amazonian forest. Little known here in Canada, acerola is very commonly included in baby food and juice in South America, and is considered to be a low-allergen food. While it may look like a simple cherry you can get at the store, acerola berries are a super-fruit with extraordinary health benefits.


For example, did you know that the acerola berry is the second richest source of vitamin C in fruit? One cherry has about 50 times the amount of vitamin C than a whole orange, making it one of nature’s purest forms of vitamin C. Among other benefits, vitamin C is a great way to build immune system health and protect against infections. With our little ones continually fighting colds all winter a little extra vitamin C can only help! Studies show that vitamin C in its natural form, as found in acerola, is better absorbed by the body than the synthetic form of vitamin C (ascorbic acid).  We are committed to keeping our baby food completely natural and are very pleased to be able to include acerola as a ‘natural’ source of vitamin C.


Acerola is also a great source of vitamin A, which plays an important role in improving eyesight, normal growth, and on-going development. It also contains high level of anti-oxidants, even more so than the popular acai berry! The phyto-chemical compounds found in acerola, combined with the vitamin C, help battle harmful oxygen-derived free radicals, and protect against cancers.

With all this natural goodness packed into one little fruit, making the decision to include acerola in every puree was an easy one!


With LOVE,