A Third Love Child Organics’ Playground is Complete!

Love Child is committed to four non-profit organizations as part of our “Spreading the Love campaign” where we donate 1 cent of every product purchase. One of the organizations we work with is Playground Builders. They are a Canadian organization that builds playgrounds for children in war-torn countries including Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine and Syria. Our third playground is now complete in Afghanistan! It’s a large school having around 6,000 students (both girls and boys) that are now able to enjoy the playground! Check out the before and after photos below.























The after!




















































































































Why Build Playgrounds?

Afghanistan has a population of approximately 33 million of which 41% are under the age of 14. The average age in Afghanistan is 18, and life expectancy is only 51. The literacy rate for adults in Afghanistan is less than 40% – only 24% of women over 15 can read or write. Due to the ongoing conflict, there are more than two million war widows. Some children can’t go to school and forfeit their childhood to work or scavenge as breadwinners of the family. Or worse, they must join a military group and become engaged in the ever-present conflict.

There are no safe places for children to play, socialize and just be children. Most children have never experienced the joy of a swing or a slide. The goal of these playgrounds is to build hope and peace through the gift of play. The organization supports the local community not only with the joy of the playground for families to enjoy but they work with local contractors to build, maintain and purchase only local equipment and supplies. So not only does the organization help create a safe spot for children to be children, they support the local economy by creating much-needed jobs.

Thank you so much for choosing Love Child for you and your family! This playground could not have been built without you.

With LOVE,

The Love Child Organics Team