5 Moves You Can Do with your Baby

Working out with your baby or kid in tow can be challenging but doable. I started working out with my daughter when she was 2 months old. We started with walks and eventually advanced to taking a Baby Boot Camp class when she was 4 months old. She is now 2 years old and working out with me is a part of our regular routine. In the morning when I say that we are going “bye bye” she knows that it will involve some kind of workout or activity. Let’s face it, some days are great and others are challenging but that is to be expected from babes.

Don’t be discouraged if your little one is not feeling it the first few times out. It takes time for them to adjust so allow yourself a couple of weeks of consistency. This means do it regularly and try to stick with the same time and situation like 9am Barre Baby Class, 10am Boot Camp, 4:30pm yoga or 6pm walks. Like anyone else, they need time to adjust. If you are not consistent with your commitment, they are not going to be consistent with their moods.

On hand, you should have snacks, preferred beverage, toys, books and things to keep them entertained. My hubby jokes about how heavy my diaper bag can be. That is because I pack for the occasion. By the time my daughter goes through a couple of snacks, tires of available toys and my singing and tickling her toes, an hour’s workout is complete.

Be prepared to sing, entertain, move around or allow them to join in. You can sing some favorite songs while doing your warm up. For example, sing the alphabet song three times and each time do a different warm up exercise: running in place, jumping jacks and hi knee runs.

I always suggest joining someone else or a group of moms. There will be other kids there, you get the support of other moms and you can have a playdate after the workout which is an incentive for your kiddo to behave while you workout. Of course my favorite group is Baby Boot Camp ( It’s more than a workout program, it’s a community and support for moms and families. In Canada there isn’t a national program on offer that we are aware of, but many local gyms and recreation centers offer Mommy and Baby Fitness.


If you are working out on your own, here is a quick 20 -30 minute workout that will work you whole body.

Always stretch before and after each workout. I prefer not to stretch cold muscles so do a brisk walk or do some marching in place while pumping your arms for 1 minute before stretching.

Warm up – Walking or running with kiddo in stroller – 5 min. Sing ABC’s 3 times while doing the following: Run in place, jumping jacks and running knee highs.

Do each exercise 3x in this sequence (Week 1 – do exercise for 30 seconds with 60 second rest in between each one then move on to exercise #2; week 2 – 45 seconds with 45 sec rest; week 3 & 4– 60 seconds with 30 second rest. Switch to a different workout after week 4 to keep your workout fresh. This should be done 2-3 times/week.

  1. Toe tickle or baby carrier squats. Position yourself in front of kiddo in a stroller or playing on a mat next to you. Begin your squat and tickle their toes every time you come down. Bonus for kiddo – sing 5 little monkeys.

Baby Boot Camp

  1. Push up kisses. This can be done on your knees until you build up enough strength to do a full push up. You can leave baby in a stroller for this exercise but if baby insists on being with you, you can place baby underneath you so you can place a kiss on baby every time you come down. You can perform these on a flat surface or on a sturdy workout stroller if your baby is in a stroller.

Baby Boot Camp

  1. Walking stroller lunges, keep away lunges or baby in carrier. Keep away lunges go like this: while doing alternating lunges, pretend to give baby something and pull back. Each time you lunge, you will play and interact with your kiddo to make it seem like a game. If you kiddo prefers movement, walking stroller lunges are a perfect way to move baby around. Watch your form and make sure you are not relying too much on stroller.


  1. ABC Triceps dips. Find a sturdy chair or elevated surface and perform these with you kiddo in front of you. You can also sing ABC’s or another favorite that your kiddo will recognize while you perform these to keep their minds occupied and yours minds off the burn.

Baby Boot Camp

  1. Supermoms aka superman exercise. This exercise can be done with baby on the mat in front of you.

Baby Boot Camp

Enjoy your workout with your baby!!


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