Are Love Child’s products gluten-free?

Many of our products are gluten-free, however, some of them are not. Our pouch products, Fruity Chomp bars, Pat-A-Cake rice cakes, Love Ducks and Buckwheat + Chia Infant cereal are gluten-free. Our Toodle O’s and Teefies are made with only gluten-free grains, but are produced in facilities which also process grains containing gluten, so may contain gluten. Our Oaty Chomps bars are actually made with certified gluten-free oats but we don’t currently claim gluten-free on the packaging. We plan to add this information to the packaging soon. Our Owlies are made with spelt flour, which naturally contains gluten, so are not gluten-free.

Please refer to our handy Allergen Info chart for easier reference.