Pouch Cap Colour Sorting Activity

When coming up with the fun little activities we do at home, one thing I try to do as much as possible is follow my kids’ lead.  Little ones tend to be much more engaged when they’re interested in something, so it’s a win-win really… They’ll enjoy the activity thoroughly and the preparation it took to set up will be well worth the effort.

At the moment, my littlest is completely obsessed with colours and loves nothing more than going around the house pointing to objects and enthusiastically calling out “BA-LUE!” and “YEY-YO!” {even for objects that aren’t blue or yellow}, so I figured it was a great time to pull out our Love Child Organics pouch caps and try a little colour sorting activity.

What I absolutely love about this activity is how simple it is.  All you need is your collection of pouch caps and some coloured bowls, cups, or containers and you’re good to go.

I also love that this activity is super adaptable, so meeting your little one where he or she is is a breeze. Since my guy is just starting to learn about colours, we kept it very simple and just used caps in red and yellow (two fairly different colours), plus two coordinating bowls. I started by handing him one cap at a time and saying something like, “This cap is yellow. Can you put it in the yellow bowl?” and then once he had the hang of that, I simply set the caps out on the floor beside him and allowed him to sort them at his own pace.

Now depending on what your little one is ready for, you can give your little one two coloured bowls plus caps in multiple colours or several coloured bowls with caps to match. You know what’ll keep your little one happily engaged best.

Whatever you do, be sure to continue collecting those pouch caps as there’s SO much more you can do with them!

* As you would with all small toys, ensure that your baby is supervised at all times when playing with the caps.
If your little one is not quite ready for colour sorting, be sure to check out our awesome (and super easy) cap drop activity for toddlers. It’s great for building fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination and actually serves as a fantastic stepping stone to colour sorting.

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