Post-Baby Abs

Note: Everyone has a different healing experience after baby. Please consult your healthcare provider before trying any of these exercises.

Regaining your strength and toning up the belly can seem like an overwhelming task while taking on the demands of motherhood. One of my top tips as a fellow mom would be to start small and focus on movements that can be done with your baby or while the baby plays beside you.

These core movements are some of my favourite go to’s for activating the abdominal wall and getting that strength back.

Perform each movement for 30-60 seconds (based on fitness level).
Repeat 3-4x.

Focus on:

  • Breathing through the movement (so loud you can hear yourself)
  • Bringing the navel to spine

If any tension is felt in the back:

  • Use one of the modifications I give in the video
  • Shorten the movement
  • Or take a break and try again


Rachel Doell of Daily Routine Fitness