Love is in the air!

By Emily Morrice (bio)

Even the most cynical among us has to smile when our child scrolls their first Valentine’s Day card to a classmate or they proudly hand us a wrinkled bouquet of paper flowers. The power of parental love surpasses understanding, so this month, why not embrace the theme with your family? Here are a few ideas to celebrate love with your little one this month.


If this is your first Valentine’s Day with a baby, chances are you won’t be celebrating as much as you will in the years to come. But even still, it’s a great occasion to create a tradition and focus on love. Take baby with you on a lunch date and write your partner a loving note and sign your baby’s name. There’s nothing like seeing your partner become a mother or father to help you fall in love with them all over again, so many sure you aim to value one another this month – even though life with a baby may make it seem next to impossible!


Love-themed crafts are always fun with toddlers. Help your little one blend red and white to make pink (and explore all the other colours that combinations can create), and have fun getting your hands dirty. Choose red and pink foods such as berries, tomatoes, and peppers, and make smoothies and soups for a Valentine’s day-themed menu. Use the holiday as an excuse to get your toddler in the kitchen and let him help you make something sweet to share with friends and family. Your toddler is now old enough to understand that you’re celebrating something so share the basics of what Valentine’s Day means to you, and encourage her to tell those she loves how she feels.


As your child starts Kindergarten and enters school, Valentine’s Day becomes a full blown holiday, so have fun with it. Encourage them to write Valentine’s Day cards to everyone in their class – and use the occasion to emphasise including everyone, not just a few close friends. My children’s hands were throbbing after writing Valentines to their entire classes last year, but after school they shared with me that they were the only ones who gave cards to each and every classmate. I found that upsetting, but as in most things in life, we can’t change others, we can only shape how our own families move forward, and we’ll move forward in love!


Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your little loves!

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