Cap Drop Fine Motor Activity for Toddlers

If your kiddos enjoy Love Child Organics pouches even half as much as mine do, chances are you have a pretty extensive collection of colourful pouch caps tucked away right about now.  We certainly do and there’s something so satisfying about finding fun and easy ways to put them to good use.  One of our go-to ways of playing with pouch caps at the moment is this super simple cap drop activity for toddlers that not only builds fine motor skills, but is great for language development and introducing counting skills too.

The best part is that all that’s required is your pouch cap collection and a container or bottle that has an opening just a little larger than what’s required to drop or push a cap through.  I like to use a glass milk bottle for this activity because glass has enough weight to it to not tip over too easily, but if you feel more comfortable using a plastic container, that’ll certainly work too.

The first time you play, you’ll probably have to show your little one how to drop the caps into the bottle, but my guess is that it won’t take long for him or her to catch on and want to jump right in.  The caps make a satisfying ‘plunk’ as they fall to the bottom of the bottle, but sometimes we cheer or clap after each one to amp up the fun factor. After you’ve played a couple of times and your little one has the hang of the activity, you can try counting along as the caps drop into the bottle or naming the colours as he or she picks them up for a little language development boost.

Once the bottle is full to the top, invite your toddler to shake the caps back out and then play again!  Enjoy. 🙂

*As you would with all small toys, ensure that your baby is supervised at all times when playing with the caps.

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